Où les consoles PS5 se réapprovisionnent en premier et quand cela se produit habituellement

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has proven to be an elusive grab. For anyone who’s still in the market for a PS5, it’s time to shop smarter, not harder.

Where can gamers buy a PlayStation 5, and when do restocks happen? Sony’s PS5 has proven to be an elusive grab for many players. Whenever a retailer announces new units in stock, the consoles sell out almost instantly, leaving many frustrated shoppers behind. For anyone who’s still in the market for a PlayStation 5 console, it’s time to shop smarter, not harder. Here’s where gamers should look and what they should do to increase their chances of success.

Ever since the PlayStation 5 was announced back in April 2019, the console has been playing hard to get. Sony remained stingy with info throughout 2019 and most of 2020, making audiences wait to hear even the basics (like the PS5’s backwards compatibility, price, specs, games, and release date). When all was finally revealed in the September 2020 PlayStation Direct, things immediately went downhill. Sony’s lack of communication extended to retailers, as well, who made PS5 pre-orders go live a full day early. By the time most gamers knew the console was already for sale, it was too late.

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To be fair, the COVID-19 pandemic has massively complicated the launch of the PlayStation 5 (as well as the release of the Xbox Series X|S). The coronavirus threw a wrench in supply chains, making the unit difficult to manufacture. Then, in the week prior to the PS5’s November 2020 launch, Sony announced that the console would only be sold online to help combat the spread of the virus. This move played directly into the hands of scalpers using bots to automatically buy up any PS5 consoles made available for sale, further exacerbating the shortage problem. While Sony has promised additional PlayStation 5 stock is coming, anyone who is looking to pick one up (while not paying ridiculous scalper prices) is going to need a bit of luck mixed with a bit of preparation.

Où les consoles PS5 sont mises en ligne

Où les consoles PS5 sont mises en ligne

New PlayStation 5 units do turn up for sale at retailers, but restock times are sporadic and vary per business. Companies also rarely announce when they’ll get more or how many they’ll have available. Historically, Walmart, Best Buy, and GameStop have had the most frequent restocks, but it doesn’t hurt to monitor other businesses, as well (like Amazon, Target, and Costco). Gamers should follow whatever retailers they’re considering buying from on Twitter. They should also turn on notifications to make sure they don’t miss tweets announcing new stock, which often happen only a few hours ahead of time. Additionally, accounts like @PlayStation and @IGNDeals can sometimes point interested shoppers in the right direction.

Best bets for buying a PlayStation 5:

Less frequent PlayStation 5 restocks, but still worth monitoring:

For the best results, gamers should create accounts with retailers ahead of time, filling in payment and shipping info. Enable quick checkout, if available. When the PlayStation 5 is in stock, going online and adding one to the shopping cart is only half the battle. If gamers wait to fill in their address and payment at checkout, all the PS5s will likely be gone by the time they finish.

Unfortunately, there’s not much else gamers can do to tip the odds in their favor. That’s simply the harsh reality of shopping for a PS5 in the COVID-19 era. However, the good news is that, just like the pandemic, this shortage won’t last forever. One day, PlayStation 5 consoles will be plentiful, and as gamers enjoy PS5 exclusive titles like Far Cry 6 and Horizon Forbidden West, the days of scalper bots and empty online shopping carts will hopefully be a distant memory.

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