12 tips for successful live streaming on YouTube: the ultimate video guide




THEYoutubeers are more and more numerous to create theirchainon this platform to share theirvideosand communicate with their audience. THEyoutube liveare a very interesting option for content creators. This allows subscribers to follow the youtuber directly in his daily life, to exchange in real time and to better understand his way of working. In this article we will give you12 tipsto make a quality youtube live.

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Advice before the live

Conseils avant le live

1. Pick the right time

1. Choisir le bon moment

Planning in advance the date and time of your youtube live is essential to maximize your audience. Choose a time that will be favorable for your subscribers, taking into account the different time zones. Also be punctual, as many are patiently waiting to see you live.

2. Prepare your content

As with all your videos, prepare your content well beforehand. You can choose a topic, write a plan and prepare the props you will need. Pay attention to the quality of your video, especially lighting and sound. Do not hesitate to test beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of the live.

3. Test your internet connection

Make sure your internet connection is stable to avoid dropouts and lags. For this, you can perform speedtest tests before starting your youtube live.

If possible, use a studio for your youtube live. Having a fixed, well-lit background will give a very professional image. If you don’t have access to a studio, a well-lit room with a clean background will suffice.

Have you ever tried to do a live on Youtube and found yourself in trouble? Worry no more, Livementor brings you the solution with its article “12 tips to make your youtube live engaging and interactive”. With these tips, you can improve your online presence and interact with your audience in a more effective way.

First of all, the first tip is to prepare your content well in advance in order to be ready on the day of your live. You should also announce your event to the public in advance to give them time to get organized.

Also, in your video, be sure to make a captivating introduction that will highlight the topics you will cover during your live.

It is also advisable to always stay focused on your subject and avoid making digressions that could bore your audience. Prepare questions ahead of time so your audience can actively participate in the event, and don’t hesitate to provide them with links and resources.

Another crucial point is to have a good internet connection because nothing is more frustrating than losing connection during a live event. Also, make sure you have good audio and video quality for the best experience.

During your live, it is important to remain authentic and spontaneous in your responses. Listen carefully to your audience’s questions and respond in a relevant and professional manner.

Finally, when your live is over, be sure to thank your audience and provide them with information about your upcoming events so they can keep following you.

By following these simple tips, you can increase your online visibility and improve your skills in communicating and interacting with your audience. Do not wait any longer to embark on the adventure of live on Youtube with “12 tips for your youtube live to be engaging and interactive” on the Livementor site.

“12 tips to make your youtube live engaging and interactive”

Advice during the live

5. Attract your audience

When you start your youtube live, be sure to greet your audience and greet them by name. Use a catchy title andsecuritieseye-catching to grab their attention. When the chat fills up with messages, feel free to reply to engage your community.

6. Stay active

Make sure to stay active during your youtube live. Avoid long silences and pay attention to comments from your viewers. Do not hesitate to ask questions or involve your audience to involve them in the live.

7. Be authentic

Authenticity is the key to a successful youtube live. Be yourself and don’t play a character that doesn’t look like you. Show your personality, mistakes, and successes to make your followers feel connected to you.

8. Select the right tools

There are many tools to customize your youtube live. Do not hesitate to integrate them to improve your video. For example, you can add images, graphics, or use screen sharing functions.

Tips after the live

9. Share your youtube live

After your youtube live, share the link on your social networks and your website to reach even more people. It is also possible to integrate it into yourvideosposted online so new people can see your work anytime.

10. Analyze your results

Once your youtube live is finished, analyze the results obtained. What was your number of spectators? Was the video watched offline? How many comments have you received? This data will help you adapt your content for future youtube live.

11. Improve your content

Use the feedback received during your youtube live to improve your content. Consider strengths and weaknesses and use them to make future youtube live even better.

12. Repeat the exercise

Making a youtube live is first a matter of practice. The more you do, the more you will improve your communication, your image quality and your engagement with your community. Don’t be afraid to try again even if the first attempt isn’t good.


Youtube live is an excellent opportunity to communicate with your audience in real time, create a more personal connection and promote your brand. By following these12 tipsto make a successful youtube live, you make sure to maximize your audience, create quality content and improve over time.


1. How to integrate images during my youtube live?

To integrate images during your youtube live, you can use editing software or screen sharing software. Picktochart and Canva are great tools for customizing your images before embedding them.

2. How can I improve the quality of my video?

To improve the quality of your video, use a good camera, good lighting, a quality microphone, and a clean background or a professional studio if possible. Do some tests before the youtube live to avoid cuts and lags.

The length of your youtube live doesn’t matter as long as you have interesting content to share with your audience. You can do a live youtube of 30 minutes or 1 hour, it depends on your subject and your audience.

Hello everyone! Today I would like to tell you about a very interesting video that I found on YouTube. It’s called “12 Tips for Doing a YouTube Live the Right Way” and I think it can be useful for everyone, whether you’re already a live streaming expert or just looking to improve your SKILLS.

The presenter begins by telling us about the importance of planning our live event in advance. He suggests making a schedule, setting clear goals, and promoting our video in advance to get as many viewers as possible. He also gives us practical tips for preparing our workspace and making sure our equipment is working properly.

The next tip relates to the importance of interaction with our audience. The presenter explains how to use comments to create a welcoming environment and add value to our broadcasts by answering questions and engaging with viewers.

Then it goes into more technical issues such as sound quality and video resolution. It gives us information about live streaming tools and system settings to create optimum quality live streams.

Finally, the presenter offers us practical advice to promote our event. It discusses the issue of social media and how to use it to reach our target audience, as well as the importance of building relationships with viewers to encourage them to return for more content in the future.

In summary, I highly recommend this video for anyone looking to improve their skills in live YouTube books. The advice is clear, practical, and strategy-focused, and the presenter lays it all out in a way that’s easy to understand even if you’re new to it. So, wait no more, watch the video and start making more professional and engaging videos right now!

“12 tips for making a YouTube live in the rules of the art”

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