How to buy a cheap iPhone?

Comment acheter un iPhone pas cher ?

If you are looking for a new iPhone to replace your old one, you surely notice the high price of these phones. Finding a cheap iPhone can seem difficult, especially if you want a recent model. Fortunately, there are tricks to buy an iPhone at an affordable price. In this article, discover some tips for buying a cheap iPhone.

Buy a refurbished iPhone

As you probably already know, refurbished iPhones are iPhones that have been returned to Apple or other refurbishing companies for various reasons, such as manufacturing defects or customer returns. The companies then restore those iPhones to working condition and sell them at a discount. Refurbished iPhones are a good option if you want an iPhone in good condition at an affordable price. For example, you can now buy a refurbished iphone13 at 799€. Here are some tips for buying a refurbished iPhone:

  • Buy directly from a specialized company or Apple: Refurbished iPhones sold by a specialized company or Apple have been fully inspected and repaired by Apple-certified technicians.
  • Check the warranty: Refurbished iPhones typically come with a one-year limited warranty, giving you some peace of mind should anything go wrong.
  • Make sure the iPhone is unlocked: As with used iPhones, it is important to verify that the refurbished iPhone is not blocked on a specific network.

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Buy an older iPhone

If you want an iPhone at an affordable price, you might consider buying an older model. Older iPhones, like the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, may be cheaper than newer models, but they still perform well and receive regular software updates. Here are some tips for buying an older iPhone:

  • Compare prices online: Before buying an older iPhone, compare prices on several websites to make sure you’re getting the best price possible.
  • Check compatibility: Make sure that the iPhone you plan to buy is compatible with your mobile plan. Older iPhones may not be compatible with 5G networks for example.
  • Check storage capacity: Older iPhones generally have lower storage capacity than newer models. Make sure that the storage capacity of the iPhone you plan to buy is sufficient for your needs.

Wait for promotions

Mobile carriers often offer promotions on iPhones, especially when new models are released. Here are some tips for taking advantage of promotions:

  • Consult the offers of the mobile operators: Mobile phone operators also offer promotions on iPhones, especially if you subscribe to a contract with them. Check their website to see if they have any deals currently available.
  • Wait for the release of new models: When new iPhone models are announced, prices for older models may drop. If you can wait a few months after a new model is released, you might get an iPhone at a lower price.
  • Look for offers: Third-party sellers, such as Fnac or Darty, frequently offer deals on iPhones. Sign up for their newsletter to be kept up to date with exclusive offers.