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La maquette de l’édition spéciale Indiana Jones Xbox Series X semble légitime

La maquette de l'édition spéciale Indiana Jones Xbox Series X semble légitime

Following on from the news of a new game in the franchise, a mock-up of an Indiana Jones inspired skin for the Xbox Series X has been shared online,

A new mock-up for an Xbox Series X Indiana Jones inspired controller and console skin looks legit, and insanely cool. Bethesda announced that it was working on a new Indiana Jones game earlier this month, alongside Swedish developer MachineGames and Lucasfilm Games.

The announcement that a new Indiana Jones game is in the pipeline is an incredibly exciting one. The upcoming title from Bethesda will be the first time that the whip-wielding archaeologist will have made an original showing on a gaming platform since 2009’s Staff of Kings for the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 2. Unfortunately for fans of the unconventional but charming professor, this particular game was met by a tepid response, with middling reviews across the board. The most prolific games in the Indiana Jones series for the last few generations of gaming are still his LEGO reimaginings, which were based upon the original films. While Indy did show up again in 2011 on Facebook in Indiana Jones Adventure World, the less said about that the better.

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Now however, a shiny new Indiana Jones game is coming. After Bethesda shared its news of the upcoming title on Twitter, theories and speculations started to flood the internet. Amongst this flood though, something pretty cool has emerged – A mock-up Xbox Series X Indiana Jones-inspired skin from 3D designer XboxPope. The design features a matte black background with Indiana Jones’ silhouette outlined in an old map, making it look as though the professor of archaeology is entering a dark and mysterious chasm in the rocks, much like he has done several times over the franchise’s illustrious history. Instantly recognizable are the hero’s iconic fedora and bullwhip, which can be seen by Indy’s hip. The skin also comes with a matching, and equally covetable, controller. While this is only a mock-up (for now), this Series X skin would look right at home on any adventure loving fans’ Xbox.

While the latest game in the Indiana Jones franchise has only just been officially announced, it appears that Todd Howard had been dropping hints about its existence beforehand. During a discussion with fellow members of the Xbox gaming industry, models (we can assume) of both the Ark of the Covenant and the Chachapoyan Fertility Idol can be seen in the background. While at the time some passed this off as a coincidence, assuming that Howard is simply a big Indiana Jones fan, this is nonetheless a neat little Easter egg for the game even before its launch.

No release date has been given yet for the latest Indiana Jones game. While there are many out there who will be eager to hear more about its plot and launch as soon as possible, this little bit of gaming merch for the Xbox (even if not yet a reality) is a nice little homage to the rugged finder of the Holy Grail, before he makes his debut into this new generation of gaming.

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