Tutorial: How to block Youtube in a few steps.

VIDEO: All the steps to block youtube

VIDEO : Toutes les étapes pour bloquer youtube
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Youtube is a very popular video sharing site with millions of users around the world. Although the site offers a wide variety of videos, it may not be appropriate for all ages or for professional use. In this article, we are going to show you how to block youtube using different methods. You can block youtube on your computer with Chromebook or any other browser.

Steps to block youtube on Chromebook

1. Go to thesettingsof your Chromebook.

2. Click the buttonRestricted Modeto enable this feature.

3. Confirm activation.

4. Go toyoutube.comand verify that the videos are not accessible.

1. Install aextensionblocking site on your browser.

2. Addyoutube.comto the list of blocked sites.

3. Verify that the site is blocked.

In today’s world, internet access is ubiquitous and it’s easy to get distracted by the multitude of sites available online. This is why it may be necessary to block access to certain sites during working hours. In this video entitled “All the steps to block Youtube”, we learn how to prevent access to this video platform during working hours.

The following linkHow to block access to Youtube during working hours?directs us to a Google support article in which different methods for blocking Youtube are explained. The first step is to install an extension on the browser, such as “Block Site” or “StayFocusd”. These extensions are easy to use and block access to certain sites. It is also possible to block sites directly from the settings of the workstation’s internet connection, by adding the URL addresses to the blocking list.

It is important to note that these blocking methods are not infallible and it is always possible to circumvent the restrictions put in place. However, it can help limit distractions during work hours and increase productivity. In addition, it is recommended that the restrictions be clearly communicated to all employees to avoid any conflict or misunderstanding.

In conclusion, thanks to this video and the Google support article, we have learned that it is possible to block Youtube during working hours by using extensions or by configuring the parameters of the internet connection. These methods can help limit distractions and improve productivity. However, it is important to clearly communicate the restrictions to all staff to avoid any conflicts.

block youtube on a network

If you want to block youtube network-wide, you can use the following options:

1. Use afirewallto block access to youtube.

2. Use asoftwareweb filter to block youtube.

3. Use arouterwith filter software to block youtube.


1. Why block youtube?

Blocking youtube may be necessary for security reasons or to avoid unnecessary distractions. You can also block youtube to restrict access to inappropriate content for children.

2. How to block youtube on cell phone?

To block youtube on cell phone you can download website blocker app. You can also use your device settings to block access to websites.

3. How to unblock youtube?

To unblock youtube, you can disable restrictions through your device settings. You can also contact the network administrator or technical support for assistance.


Blocking youtube may be a necessary measure for security reasons or to avoid unnecessary distractions. We have seen how to block youtube on Chromebook, on another browser or on a network. We hope this article will be helpful for you to block youtube and protect your family or business.

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