12 tips for sorting on Youtube

The 12 Practical tips to empty youtube

Les 12 Conseils pratiques pour vider youtube
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YouTube has become one of the most popular sites to watch videos, but this popularity has also resulted in a buildup of content that can make it difficult to find what you want. The following handy tips can help you clear YouTube and find the videos you want to watch.

Tip 1: Use specific keywords

Conseil 1 : Utilisez des mots-clés précis

When searching for videos on YouTube, use specific keywords to get relevant results. YouTube’s search engines use these keywords to find videos that match your search. Use specific keywords that describe exactly what you are looking for.

Tip 2: Use Google products

Conseil 2 : Utilisez les produits Google

Google owns YouTube, so it makes sense to use Google’s products to use YouTube more effectively. Use Google Search to find videos on YouTube more easily. You can also use Google Maps to find videos related to a specific location.

Tip 3: Subscribe to good video channels

Subscribe to video channels that publish interesting and quality content. By subscribing to good Video channels, you get a notification when new content is released. It can help you to be constantly informed about the latest interesting content on YouTube.

Tip 4: Do research tests

Try different searches to find a variety of videos on YouTube. Sometimes you can find videos on relevant topics by searching for less commonly used keywords. It will also help you become more familiar with the search features in YouTube.

Tip 5: Use YouTube ad placements

YouTube offers ad placements for advertisers. These placements can help you find relevant videos that are related to what interests you. YouTube ads are generally more specific to people’s age, gender, and interests, making them more appropriate for YouTube users.

Tip 6: Use recommended keywords

When you search YouTube, recommended keywords will appear below the search bar. These are keywords that other people have used for their searches. Recommended keywords can provide ideas for videos you might be interested in.


YouTube search filters can help you find videos from different angles. You can filter search results by duration, quality, date, and number of views. You can also filter videos based on their type: Videos, Channels, Playlists, Movies, and TV Shows.

If you are passionate about cycling and have a YouTube channel, you have surely noticed that this platform is constantly evolving. To keep your channel fresh and relevant to your followers, here are some tips to follow. In the article entitled “The 12 practical tips for emptying YouTube” which you can find on this linkhttps://www.thecyclisthouse.com/blogs/news/les-12-chaines-youtube-preferees-des-cyclistes, you will find quick and easy tips that will help you optimize your YouTube channel.

The first tip is to work on the aesthetics of your channel by choosing the banner and thumbnails of the videos according to your style and your audience. The second invites you to create an editorial calendar to plan your publications in advance so as not to find yourself short of content and thus maintain a certain regularity of publication to satisfy your subscribers. The third tip suggests that you take care with your video title and description so that your viewers know what it’s about right away. The fourth tip advises working on sound quality by investing in a good microphone to improve the viewing experience.

The fifth tip is the most important: take time to respond to comments. The sixth tip to follow is to interact with other YouTube channels of the same theme to create a community and why not create links. The seventh tip is to use social media to promote your channel and reach a wider audience. The following tips work on improving the content of your videos: step eight recommends doing market research with your subscribers, step nine suggests relying on current topics, step ten invites playing on the quality of images and light and the eleventh recommends recycling old content by making it reappear in newer videos. Finally, the last piece of advice is not to lose your passion and not to forget that the main purpose of these videos is above all to have fun.

By following these 12 tips, your YouTube channel will be optimized and fun to watch for your audience. Feel free to put them into practice and share your results with us!

Tip 8: Use third-party tools

There are a variety of third-party tools that can help you find the videos you want on YouTube. Some examples include TubeBuddy, VidIQ, and Social Blade, which provide information about YouTube videos, channels, and users.

Tip 9: Share videos with your contacts

By sharing videos with your contacts, you can get more information about the videos you want to watch. If you ask for recommendations from people with similar interests, you can also discover interesting videos on YouTube.

Tip 10: Use playlists

YouTube playlists can help you organize the videos you want to watch. If you find multiple videos on a topic that interests you, add them to a playlist to watch later. This will save you from wasting time searching for the individual videos later.

Tip 11: Invest in YouTube advertising

If you advertise on YouTube, you can reach thousands of people who might be interested in your products or services. Ads on YouTube can be highly targeted to be more relevant to YouTube users.

Tip 12: Follow YouTube tips

YouTube provides tips for content creators and advertisers to help them succeed on YouTube. YouTube tips can also be useful for users who want to find the most relevant videos. Following YouTube’s recommended best practices is one way to get the most out of using YouTube.

1. What are ad placements on YouTube?

YouTube ad placements are ads that advertisers can use to reach YouTube users. Ads can be tailored to people’s age, gender and interests.

2. What are the benefits of using playlists?

YouTube playlists can help you organize the videos you want to watch later. This can help you save time and avoid wasting time searching for individual videos.

3. How to use search filters on YouTube?

YouTube search filters allow you to filter search results based on duration, quality, date, video type, and number of views.

Youtubers know how important it is to maintain a clean and organized channel. This is why the website has made available to its users practical tips to empty youtube. The 12 practical tips to sort out your YouTube channel and eliminate unnecessary videos are available in this article titledTips for sorting out your YouTube channel and eliminating unnecessary videos.

The first tip is to clearly define the categories of videos you want to publish on your channel. It is important to focus on a specific topic and go deeper into it to attract a target audience and gain awareness. Then, it is advisable to sort all the videos according to their relevance and quality. For this, you can use the statistics of the videos or ask the opinion of your subscribers.

The second tip is to remove unnecessary and outdated videos that are no longer relevant to your channel. This will free up storage space and reduce your channel’s loading time. The third tip is to update old videos with minor edits to make them more engaging.

The fourth tip is to use relevant keywords to maximize your channel’s visibility. This will make it easier for people to find your channel and increase subscribers. The fifth tip is to name the videos clearly and concisely so that they are easily identifiable.

The sixth tip is to rearrange playlists to highlight the most relevant videos. This will help highlight the most popular topics and build audience loyalty. The seventh tip is to create a retroplan to plan the publication of videos to provide regularity and give better visibility.

The eighth tip is to create a direct link between your YouTube channel and your other social networks to provide wider visibility. The ninth tip is to add annotations to entice viewers to watch other videos on your channel.

The tenth tip is to respond to customer reviews to create an active and loyal community. The eleventh tip is to collaborate with other Youtubers to share your expertise and acquire new subscribers. Finally, the twelfth tip is to ask the opinion of Internet users to improve your content and offer a quality service.

All in all, with these 12 handy tips for clearing youtube, you can maintain a clean, organized, and efficient YouTube channel. Take the opportunity to provide a pleasant experience for your subscribers and attract new fans through quality content and a beautiful identification of your YouTube channel.


By following the handy tips listed above, you can clear YouTube and easily find the videos you want to watch. By using specific keywords, subscribing to good video channels, performing research tests, and using YouTube’s many tools and features, you can successfully find videos you’ll love. By using these tips, you can learn how to best use YouTube to get the most out of your online video experience.

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