How to cite a website without an author in a few steps?

All the steps to cite a website without an author

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In the context of text writing, the citation of internet sources has become a common practice. However, it sometimes happens that the author of the site in question is not indicated. In this case, how can one correctly cite the documents consulted on this site? In this article, we list all the steps needed to successfully cite an authorless website.

1. Find all relevant sources

The first step to correctly citing a website is to find all the relevant pages and documents on the site. These can be web pages, PDF documents, reports, e-books, etc. It is important to compile all these sources to avoid any omission of relevant information.

2. Identify the title of the web page or document

2. Identifier le titre de la page Web ou le document

The title of the web page or document is basic information that should be used in the citation. It must be accurately identified to reliably reference the source.

3. Identify the publication date

The publication date is a crucial element that indicates when the web page or document was published. This information makes it possible to locate the source in time.

4. Identify the URL of the site

The URL address is information that allows direct access to the web page or document in the browser. This can be useful when verifying information. The URL address must be noted accurately.

5. Use an organization name or description instead of the author

5. Utiliser un nom d'organisation ou une description en lieu et place de l'auteur

When there is no author of an electronic document, it is possible to replace this information with an organization name or a description that reflects the content of the document. This allows the source to be generally identified.

6. Use the title element in the bibliography

Once all the necessary information has been collected, it is important to correctly formulate the bibliography of the cited source. The title element should be highlighted to replace the author in the citation.

7. Use specific indicators for in-text citations

Quotations from the text in an electronic document require specific indicators to be correctly identified. The use of parentheses, page numbers, or other text markers can make it easier to recognize the source.

Instead of citing each web page or document in text, it is possible to use identifiable code for the source. This allows quick reference to the source, using the code, without having to recite all of the bibliography information.

Citing sources is an important step in writing an academic paper. However, it may happen that we find ourselves faced with a website that does not mention an author. In such a situation, it is important to follow certain rules to correctly cite the site in question. First, it is important to note the title of the page or article being cited, as well as the title of the entire website. Then, it will be necessary to indicate the date of consultation of the website, because the information can be updated or withdrawn at any time. For this, we will use the mention “Consulted on” followed by the date of consultation in dd/mm/yyyy format. It is also recommended to note the complete URL of the page consulted.

Regarding the presentation of the citation in the text, it is recommended to place the title of the page or the article in quotation marks, followed by the title of the website in italics. Here is an example of a citation for a website without an author:

“According to the rules for citing a website that has no author, it is recommended to mention the title of the page consulted as well as the title of the entire website” (Consulted on 20/05/2021,

By following these simple rules, you will be able to properly cite an unauthored website in your academic work. Remember that citation is essential to avoid plagiarism and to give credit to sources that have helped you in your research.

The rules to follow to cite a website that has no author

9. FAQs

Q: If I can’t find the publication date, how can I leave the information in my citation?

A: If the publication date is not available, you can simply include “(n.d.),” which means undated.

Q: What if I can’t find the title of the web page or document?

A: If the title is not found, you can use a description or part of the source content.


Correctly citing sources is important for respectful and responsible writing. All the steps mentioned above are to be followed to cite a website without an author in a satisfactory manner. However, it is always a good idea to check the citation standards for your field of study or work to ensure the suitability of your citation method.
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