Get Spotify Premium for Free: 12 Tips for 2021

What is Spotify Premium Free in 2021?

Spotify is a leading music streaming app. It provides access to a catalog of millions of songs from your smartphone, tablet or computer. However, to access all of Spotify’s features, such as offline listening, superior audio quality or even the removal of advertisements, it is necessary to subscribe to the Premium offer. This can be quite a significant monthly cost for some users. That’s why we wrote this article to give you 12 tips to getSpotify Premium Free in 2021.

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1. Get Spotify Premium on Code Platforms

1. Obtenez Spotify en version Premium sur les plateformes de codes

There are code sites for all types of application, music, games or others. These websites sell activation codes that upgrade your apps to premium. Look for a trusted platform to get yourSpotify premium subscription for free in 2021.

2. Use a hacked account

Even though it is illegal, some users share their Spotify account for the purpose of sharing their subscription. This may get you Spotify Premium for free, but it’s important to remember that this is against Spotify’s Terms of Service. You can be banned or suffer financial damage.

Spotify offers you the chance to try their Premium subscription for free for 30 days. You can create multiple accounts with different email addresses to enjoy the benefits ofFree Spotify Premium for 2021. However, be aware that this trick is effective only once per email address.

Listening to your favorite music, without ads and even without internet, is every Spotify user’s dream. But without wanting to pay for a Premium subscription, it’s not always easy to get there. Fortunately, there are tricks to access Spotify Premium for free and legally.

The first tip is to take advantage of Spotify’s free trial offers. All users, new or old, are entitled to a free 30-day trial period. All you have to do is register on the site to benefit from it.

Another tip, but this time it’s a tip for students. If you are a student, you can benefit from a 50% discount on your Premium subscription. To take advantage of it, simply create an account on the Spotify site and enter your student status.

There are also tips for those using the service on mobile. You can use Spotify’s mobile app and listen to your music ad-free. Just download the app to your phone or tablet.

Another trick is to connect to Spotify through third-party apps. These apps allow you to access Spotify Premium without paying anything. Be careful, however, of the legality of these applications, some may be at risk for the security of your account.

Finally, you can also take advantage of coupon codes or online promotions to subscribe to Spotify Premium at a preferential rate. You just have to look on the dedicated sites to benefit from it.

All these tips and many more are available on the Quora site through the article “The 12 tips to have Spotify Premium for free on Android or iOS in 2021”. You will find all the information and advice you need to enjoy your favorite music without spending anything.

So don’t wait any longer, go to the Quora site and find out all the tricks to access Spotify Premium for free in 2021. Let yourself be guided and enjoy unlimited music without ads.

The 12 tips to get Spotify Premium for free on Android or iOS in 2021

4. Use a VPN to change regions

4. Utilisez un VPN pour changer de région

It is possible that some regions have access to specific and less expensive offers for the Premium subscription. By using avpn, you can change your region to be able to access the offers. However, sometimes this trick may not work.

5. Use third-party apps to access Spotify Premium for free

There are third-party applications such as Spotify++ or Spotify Dogfood which provide access to all the features of Spotify Premium for free. However, these applications may present risks such as the loss of your personal data. It is therefore recommended to use third-party applications at your own risk.

6. Share your Spotify Premium account

6. Partagez votre compte Spotify Premium

Spotify allows one account to be used on several different devices. So you can create a group of friends and share the costs of the subscription. You will therefore not have to pay the full cost of the subscription. It is an economical solution to take advantage ofSpotify Premium for free in 2021.

7. Use the free month regularly

After 30 days, you can unsubscribe from Spotify Premium subscription and repeat the process to get a new 30-day trial. This trick allows you to access Spotify Premium for free on a regular basis.

8. Get Spotify Premium for Free Using Spotify Ad Studio

Spotify offers an advertising platform called Spotify Ad Studio for advertisers who want to run their advertising on Spotify. You can create an advertising campaign and include your music or podcasts in it. This will allow you to avail a Premium subscription for your Spotify account for free.

9. Participate in social media contests to win a free Spotify Premium subscription

Brands regularly organize contests on social networks, in particular Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can enter these contests to win a free Spotify Premium subscription. However, it is important to verify the veracity of these contests.

10. Use Student Beans to get a free Spotify Premium membership

If you are a student, you can take advantage of a special offer on Spotify Premium through Student Beans. Create a student account then use the promotional code to accessSpotify Premium for Students for Free in 2021. However, check the eligibility requirements before using this cheat.

11. Wait for promotions to get Spotify Premium for free

Spotify regularly offers special promotions on their Premium subscription. Netflix sometimes offers free temporary subscriptions. Keep an eye out for these promotions and take advantage ofFree Spotify Premium for 2021.

12. Use your mobile plan to get Spotify Premium for free

Some mobile plans include music streaming as an additional offer. You can therefore check if you have access to a Spotify Premium account thanks to your mobile plan. If you are an Orange customer, the operator offers an offer that allows you to have Spotify Premium for free in 2021.


These tricks are all valid for havingSpotify Premium for free in 2021. However, it is important to remember that illegal methods may result in penalties. Using Spotify without a Premium subscription is possible, but with quite strict limits. If you are a regular user, Premium subscription can be a good option to access all Spotify features. We hope these tips will be useful to you and do not hesitate to share this article with your friends to make them benefit fromFree Spotify Premium for 2021.


What happens if I use a hacked account for Spotify?

Using a hacked account for Spotify is illegal. If this is discovered, you may be banned or suffer financial damage.

Are third-party apps safe to use?

The use of third-party applications involves risks such as the loss of your personal data. It is therefore recommended to use third-party applications at your own risk.

How long do you have access to Spotify Premium for free?

The free Spotify Premium subscription usually lasts for 30 days. However, some promotions may provide access to Spotify Premium for free for a longer period.

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