Apple is reportedly prototyping foldable iPhone screens

According to Bloomberg, Apple has started work on a foldable phone and has started prototyping foldable screens internally. A final device is likely years away, the report said, and Apple is currently only working on the display – not the rest of the phone it would be plugged into.

The first prototypes sound similar to the foldable screens that Samsung, Motorola, and others have used. According to Bloomberg, Apple wants to produce foldable screens with a « mostly invisible hinge » that can expand to about the size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, the report says several screen sizes are being discussed.

Apple has publicly shown no interest in making a foldable phone, though the company rarely signals its interest before entering a new product category. Key competitors have a head start in foldable devices as Samsung and Motorola have already launched several generations of folding phones. The Samsung Galaxy Fold was released in April 2019 (albeit with some major problems).

In short, Bloomberg has some updates to Apple products in 2021. This year’s iPhone is expected to have « minor upgrades ». Another major improvement is still possible: an on-screen fingerprint sensor. Bloomberg said in 2019 that Apple had already checked the function for 2020. This would be an obvious addition in 2021 as the widespread adoption of face masks has seriously hampered the use of Face ID.

It’s not clear how likely it is that Touch ID in the display will ship in 2021 (Apple typically locked iPhone features long before production), but Bloomberg says Apple is still testing the technology for inclusion this year . What’s worse is that, according to Bloomberg, Apple has discussed removing the Lightning connector in favor of wireless charging on « some » iPhone models.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s long-rumored Tile competitor AirTags is finally set to hit the market this year, and the iPad Pro could be updated with a mini-LED display. A thinner, entry-level iPad is also reportedly in the works.

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